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Photographing a 700 Horsepower 1967 Chevrolet Chevy II / Nova Street Car

Within every modified machine, we see not just a car that some might perceive as awesome. Instead, every car tells its very own story. Whether it’s a minimally modified daily driver or a machine that has had lots of custom work and long, hard hours dumped into its construction to get it to the point where it is today, every single hot rod has a story beneath the surface that can give us a little bit of insight into not only the car but also the person behind it.

This time, we check in with the Street Outlaws’ favorite photographer, Lou Renova, Renova, better known as 405 Photo, invests a lot of time into trying to capture these stories through the lens of his camera and he’s caught up with some spectacular ones along the way.

With this particular outing, Lou dives a little bit deeper than a photo as he checks in with a 700 hp, 1967 Chevrolet Nova.

This Chevy II wasn’t exactly your typical case of somebody purchasing a car and immediately turning it into a racing machine. Instead, it has gone through many iterations over the years before eventually becoming the incredibly clean and slick machine that we see today.

As the car sits, it offers up to 700 hp to play with and in this video below, we get the opportunity to go through the ride from top to bottom. In addition to seeing exactly how this machine is outfitted to make it a one-of-a-kind ride, we also get to hear a little bit about the story that has made it become the machine it is today.

In addition, we go behind the scenes with what exactly it’s like for Lou to photograph such a ride in the name of telling its story for the world to hear. Lou 405  Photo, follow on Facebook and Instagram.