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Hot Rod Master, Chip Foose, Grabs Hold of an SVT Lightning in Overhaulin’ Episode

For those who are familiar with Overhaulin’, they know that it’s all about iconic designer, Chip Foose and his team of skilled automotive magicians who take classic cars and bring them new life once again. A recent episode of the show might actually make some people begin to feel old. The last time that we checked, it seems like the second-generation Ford Lightning just came out. However, as reality has it, the model is now more than 20 years old! With a birthday in 1999, the fan-favorite is now old enough to buy beer which also makes it a classic fit for Overhaulin’.

This time, we check in with a Lightning that was a prime candidate to be overhauled. The truck wasn’t in the worst condition in the world but certainly looked like it needed a little bit of love. When it made its way into the hands of Foose, love was exactly what it would get. The end product is absolutely unrecognizable when comparing it to the start product.

In order to get to the finish line, the truck would be resprayed with custom graphics added on top and a little bit of bodywork to really make this Lightning stand out from the rest. After throwing things like suspension, a complete interior, and a couple of upgraded electronics in the truck, it was really ready to hit the streets in style. This thing feels like a completely different vehicle than the Lightning that rolled into the shop. With a final touch of a couple of performance goodies sprinkled in, the SVT would be able to breathe new life again!

By following along with the video below, we get to see this Chip Foose creation come to life and the reaction that really makes it all worth it. It turns out that the father who owns the truck got just a little bit emotional seeing exactly what was made possible by Foose and company.