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How Close Was Will Smith’s Audi From “I, Robot” to Predicting the Future of Cars?

In the 2004 science-fiction film, “I, Robot,” the world got to watch Will Smith battle robots that turned against humanity.

In order to take part in this battle, Smith’s character, Detective Del Spooner, got some pretty wicked futuristic tools to get the job done. One of them was an impressive futuristic car, the Audi RSQ. For those wondering why they’ve never seen an RSQ model on the streets, it’s because the machine was created specifically for this film. The idea was for Audi to concoct their vision of what they thought vehicles might look like in the year 2035 which, at this point nearly 20 years after the film’s release, is quickly approaching.

This time, we got to go up close and personal with the RSQ thanks to YouTube creator, Supercar Blondie. The machine is a two-seater sports coupe that has a sleek and aerodynamic design. While it does boast a variety of futuristic-looking concepts, the electric-powered car controlled by a highly advanced artificial intelligence system still has a lot of Audi design influence.

Outside, we find sharp lines and bold curves with an elongated front end that slopes down toward the ground. The front grill is illuminated, a feature that some cars have taken on today. Even though some of the features we find aren’t something that we’ve quite seen come to market, it’s a pretty interesting look at what Audi saw as the future at the time.

Inside, the RSQ boasts a minimal and futuristic design. Audi did predict the future correctly when it integrated a large touchscreen display in the center of the dashboard. Other noteworthy features are a flat bottom steering wheel and seats that are contoured to provide excellent support.

Below, we get the complete tour of this futuristic supercar that was Audi’s best take at what we’ll see in about 12 years as they looked over 30 years into the future when it was designed.

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