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Daddy Dave Gets Penalized Over Small Technicality | Street Outlaws

When it comes to street racing, the details can be incredibly controversial. In this format of racing, drivers will debate over pretty much any stipulation that one could possibly imagine. Racing in the street is really not only a game of going out there and being the faster car but also being to negotiate the better race and having a stronger sense of hustle when it comes to street smarts. Not knowing what you’re doing can be a sure fire way to make sure that someone takes advantage of you.

In this particular situation, we check in with a set of circumstances that had Daddy Dave incredibly unhappy when he raced a small tire Ford Mustang from Chicago. In fact, in his eyes, the race was handed over due to a small technicality.

As Dave was believed to have a faster car, the Mustang he was racing would be given a couple of car lengths of a head start. The Mustang would also be able to leave first which is a common practice for slower cars in street racing as well, so long as the driver can negotiate this stipulation.

When the two lined up to go out it, Dave would end up bagging the victory easily, or so he thought.

However, when Dave ended up back in the pits, the race master said that Dave had jumped before his competitor, therefore not playing by the rules. This is where things get sketchy.

When a driver is in Dave’s position is giving another car a head start, typically, they will watch the rear tire of the other car to see when exactly when the car starts going. Things get confusing here as the Mustang continues to move after it’s already locked in. However, depending on where you race, some will consider a car rocking back-and-forth or bumping to be a part of staging. Other times, though, such movement would be seen as a jump.

Below, we check in with the debate over what exactly constitutes leaving the line and what is just included in staging. At the end of the day, Dave didn’t seem to argue too much about it but instead left matters to the race master.