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How Does the Cheapest USED Porsche 911 Stack up Against the Cheapest NEW Porsche 911?

Believe it or not, even in the world of Porsche, there are customers who are budget-conscious. When we look at a vehicle that’s nearly $100,000, that doesn’t necessarily scream out “Budget!” However, when comparing it to some other models that quickly approach the seven-figure mark, $97,400 seems like a bargain.

If there’s one thing that we have noticed about the automotive market and how it’s developed over time, it’s that cars always become much more feature abundant. The base model vehicles of today generally tend to rival the top trim models of just a couple of years ago. Technology is moving so fast that it’s kind of hard not to implement a lot more into the lower tier models. It truly feels like vehicles become dated much more quickly these days.

This time, we join in with Hoovies Garage as he dissects this concept. In this comparison video of sorts, we find two birds of a feather. However, they definitely have their differences. In one corner, we have a Porsche 911 that is the cheapest new 911 available. On the other hand, though, we have what our host claims to be the cheapest used 911 in existence. It’s not too difficult to see how there might be quite a substantial gap between the two cars.

Digging into the cheapest cars on the market is an interesting exercise. How would such a car stand up to a brand new ride, though?

By following along with the video below, we get a guided tour to see exactly what the difference is. Just how far has this automaker come over time? Could this $6000 Porsche have anything to offer when considering its opposition in the car that costs nearly six figures? We would think that it has some sort of value but holding a candle to a brand new car is going to be an uphill battle, for sure!