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How Does the Ford GT Stand Up to Lamborghini Aventador in the Real World?

When you take a look at certain cars, they are very easy to appreciate. We might have our ups and downs as brand loyalists, however, there are certain machines that I think most enthusiasts can really get on the same page about. In this one, we take a look at such a pair of machines with two cars that really swing for the fences and exceed expectations. Not only are these things and visually pleasing but obviously, they have built the performance reputation to match and really play well across almost every axis that you would use to judge a high-end performance vehicle on.

This time, the comparison is between the Ford GT and Lamborghini Aventador, a pair of cars that are definitely turning heads on the streets. However, while these vehicles have a reputation it definitely precedes them, it leads you to wonder how exactly they will perform when it comes to the real world. After all, numbers on paper are great and all but they don’t mean anything if the cars don’t meet or exceed them. We have seen plenty of cases where they manufacturer will promise one thing and maybe it wasn’t as grand when all the dust would settle and we could see how things would really unfold.

If you follow along with the video below, the guys over at DragTimes took the liberty of taking out a couple of these exotics that anybody would be proud to own and they put them to the test, gathering a whole bunch of data to give you a true taste of what these two machines are capable of and how they compare to one another. All statistics aside, when you look at this as one big picture, I think that the majority of people are still going to find these machines as something to be impressed by.