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How Dry Ice Can be Used to Super Deep Clean Your Car

When it comes to cleaning a car, there are tons of ways to get the job done. After all, one spin in the car care aisle of just about any retailer can show you how many products there are to do the same job in different ways.

Depending on just how perfect you want the detail to be, there are even some more extreme measures that might be able to be taken. For example, what a lot of car fans probably wouldn’t know is that you can actually use dry ice to clean up your car.

Without using any water, dry ice promises factory stock cleanliness in areas that can be nearly impossible to get to along with those that you see every day. Not only can the ice the underside components of a vehicle. It also can go to work on the paint as well. Dry ice also allows the user to get that factory stock level of cleanliness, even in the greasiest and grimiest of areas.

So how exactly does the process work? Well, it seems to be a process very similar to sandblasting except without the sand or the water where the dry ice is sprayed through a pressurized nozzle. The person spraying the dry ice can control not only the pressure but also the size of the particles and the pounds per minute. Therefore, it can be used for intense dirty areas or even on the more delicate jobs.

Our host this time tells us that the pressure combined with that -109° temperature and thermal expansion of a solid chemical transforming into a gas all come together in order to make the clean happen. Not only does the pressure force the grime away but the cold temperature causes surfaces to shrink which makes them lose their adhesion. Therefore, the dirt just falls away.

Down in the video below, we get an up-close and personal view of how exactly dry ice can be used to deep clean cars and what this might mean for the most meticulous automotive enthusiasts.