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How Koenigsegg Destroyed Bugatti’s World Record (0-400-0 KPH)

When it comes to trying to sell an all-out performance machine that’s supposed to be regarded as one of the best performers in the world, one way to do it would be to go out and set some records to show potential customers just how much this car is worth on a track. By doing this, you can push that price tag even higher and potentially sell more of a specific model. We would presume that that was what Bugatti had in mind when they went out to test the Bugatti Chiron in a 0-400-0 KMH run that would set the overall record for this metric, allowing the car to become the fastest to ever do so.

However, as they would want to play the spoiler, Koenigsegg would take one look at that record and decide that they could do better. After all of the press was all over this record set by Bugatti, they’re competitor would head out and see what they could do on their own, effectively taking down the previous record and setting their own. This was essentially a pretty big jab at Bugatti, essentially throwing a shot at them saying that whatever they would try to do, Koenigsegg would go out there and do it better.

We did get the opportunity to see both of these records and even showcased them here for you to follow along in. However, this time, the guys over at Engineering Explained take the opportunity to tell us exactly how Koenigsegg went about breaking this record and how the two cars really do compare. As someone who is truly in love with the art of automotive performance, I have to say that I wouldn’t mind seeing either one of these cars in the driveway, however, there are some distinct differences between the two. Let’s go learn about now!