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How Lotus Made a Camry Engine a Monster in Their Favor

To the trained eye, you can dive inside of a car and pick some things apart as to where the manufacturer might have gone a cheaper route in order to make the finished product come to life. Now, just because something is done cheaper doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s all that bad. Sometimes, it just really makes sense to recycle more of the same parts instead of creating entirely new ones. When you have one engine that works pretty well that you’re able to source, why not put it in a variety of different cars as to cut down on costs whether consumer won’t know any difference and will get the same experience? After all, engineering and designing an engine from scratch is a long and expensive process.

Normally, this is how one manufacturer might try and save a little bit of money and do things the smart way. However, in this situation, we check out a car layout that actually snags a motor design from another company and is one that might make you scratch your head a little bit at first but if you know about the Lotus mentality, you know that it’s not all about having the most power possible. In order to round out it’s lightweight and well-balanced reputation, the Evora actually puts a Toyota Camry powerplant to good use.

If you follow along with the video below, are you get another Thatdudeinblue car review that outlines the Lotus that takes on life with the heart of a Camry. The supercharged power source actually doesn’t look to be all that bad as, when combined with the lightweight Lotus, it ends up being quite the suitable source of fun. After seeing something like this, be sure to tell us what you think about this creative use of an unlikely engine.