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This Tacoma is Faster Than Your Supra! 1000HP 2JZ Swap

No matter what the platform is, with the right know-how and the right powerplant, you can make just about anything fast. It doesn’t have to be a traditional combo like throwing a tried-and-true engine in a Fox Body to make your speed dreams come true. Instead, enough determination can transform anything into a speed demon. This time, it just so happens to be a Toyota pickup truck that’s feeling the love as it soars down the quarter-mile to some truly impressive passes.

In this one, we follow the situation as 1000+ horsepower of Toyota Supra madness has been crammed up under the hood of this old-school Toyota Tacoma. We haven’t really seen too many Toyota pickup trucks that are able to take off in the way that this one does but now that we have seen it happen, we’re pretty glad that it’s alive and healthy. With the help of a 7285 turbo that’s cranking out 40 PSI of boost, some serious power is being generated as is makes it to the tire and eventually punishes the ground beneath it, many times causing the front end to hang up in the air but when they do manage to keep it down, it’s to the tune of mid eight-second passes, well in excess of 150 mph.

“Sweet 16” The World Record Radial vs The World race. (Click Image below live stream) 

The baddest RvW cars in the world battle it out for $101,000.00. 

Follow along in the TalonTSi97 video down below that takes you to the scene of the action in Maryland at the Import vs Domestic World Cup Finals as this truck, one of the few in the massive group of cars, makes its presence felt as it really shows the opposition what it’s capable of when that turbo spools to life and makes some ruckus rain down as it launches off of the line and never looks back.

After following along for yourself, be sure to tell us what you think of this mini truck that absolutely looks like a blast out there on the racing surface.


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