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There’s No Job This $500k 6 Door International Can’t Handle

Some who are in the market for a truck, they’re simply looking for the biggest and baddest thing that money can possibly buy. If you so happen to fall into that category and also have half a million dollars to spend, this particular creation from Q Motors in Dubai might just be for you.

The all-black monster started out life as a 2017 International 7500 crew cab. That’s certainly a truck that, in stock form, is going to stand out on the roadways. However, when Q Motors got their hands on this bad boy, they decided to mix things up and modify it to make it even more monstrous.

The first modification that one might notice upon approaching the truck is that it has a couple of extra doors. That’s right, the crew cab now acts as a six-door, complete with a third row of seats that fold down into a bed meaning that one could survive the zombie apocalypse in this thing and even sleep in the back, that is, if they can find enough fuel to get around with the truck during said apocalypse. We aren’t told exactly how much fuel this thing likes to suck down but we would assume it’s a lot as the truck sports a pair of fuel tanks that are able to take on 70 gallons of diesel at one time. That means it would cost just about $400 to fill up with the current American average price of diesel.

In the video below from the Supercar Blondie YouTube channel, we’re able to take a complete tour of the $500,000 monster pickup truck. This thing is tricked out with everything from 65-inch tall tires to a roll bar and even a hydraulic bed to eliminate some of the heavy lifting should someone decide to actually use this thing as a truck. How practical something like this would be in the real world is hard to say but it is most definitely the perfect way to make a statement.