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How One Company Customizes Rides For People in Wheelchairs, Making Something Fun To Drive

When it comes to someone’s ride, there are all sorts of different vehicles that take on different lifestyles. Every person is different and, depending on specific needs, someone will buy a different vehicle to suit those needs to make sure that it’s as useful as possible. For someone who should so happen to be in a wheelchair, those needs just shift entirely, sometimes needing to have different features to be a part of a car or truck that might not necessarily come as a part of the vehicle from the factory. Therefore, these folks are left to make some sort of workaround or turn to the aftermarket to make life a little bit more accessible. This is where a company like AT Conversions comes into play.

In this one we check out a whole gamut of solutions that show vehicles that have been repurposed in order to be completely wheelchair accessible and it’s too cool! Some of these are nothing that one would even consider to even be close to run-of-the-mill as a truck or van that has undergone some serious custom modification, bringing together some serious engineering to try to make vehicles as accessible as possible. The company says that they want to create accessibility that’s also fun to drive which has to bring on its own set of challenges.

By following along with the video below, we get to see not only how AT Conversions puts out some pretty cool products but how they tend to look at things differently and really bring a creative outlook to the situation. The people behind these conversions appear to have invested some serious time and know-how into their product to make it the best that it can possibly be. Whoever gets their hands on one of these conversions probably will appreciate it more than most could know.

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