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People React to Supercars in Strange Ways, These City Reactions are Mind Blowing

When it comes to the world of cars and all the different machines that are able to rise up and fly, how exactly they’re perceived is dependant upon the eye of the beholder. Depending on how familiar you are with certain cars and what you know about their capabilities can greatly alter any type of perception that you might have. However, if you really think about it, the vast majority of people who may interact with a supercar driving through the city will probably have absolutely no idea what differentiates it from any of the other supercars that they come across and therefore, you would think that the reaction to a McLaren would be pretty wild.

This time, we check out a plethora of folks who just so happen to come across a McLaren as it rolled through the city and as it turns out, the car got its fair share both love and hate. As you can imagine, an expensive car like this with such aggressive design is probably going to turn more than its fair share of heads but how exactly those heads choose to respond to the car is pretty interesting as you watch the dynamic unfolding and learn that people really do have incredibly different viewpoints about something like this.

If you follow along down in the video below, you’ll really be able to get a grasp on how people really react to a car like this and what that kind of says about humanity as a whole. I’m not sure how you can hate on something like this but seeing how people perceive it as an incredibly interesting thing to think about and dissect. Honestly, if were to see a car like this rolling down the street, I’m not sure that I could have a hateful bone in my body for the driver or the machine itself.

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