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How This Guys Dodge Viper Got Him Kicked Out Of His Neighborhood

Coming from a small town myself, I can absolutely relate to Casey Putsch on several different levels. When I was a kid and had just started driving, people would actually call my parents to tell them that they’d seen me driving too fast or “squealing tires”. Like seriously Karen, who even does that? Word travels fast in a small town and, as Casey points out, it’s a huge headache for those of us who like to drive a little above the posted speed limit.

Of course, I was driving a Z28, not a freakin’ Viper, so I can only imagine things being that much worse for Putsch, who threw up his hands and moved out of his tiny town of 18,000 after the local authorities all but conspired to intervene in his spirited daily commute. He held on to the Viper, though I have to assume the urge to sell it entered his mind a few times during the dustup, and he found himself much more at home in the bigger city life that opened its arms to cars like Dodge’s almighty Viper.

Unfortunately, life in the big city also brings with it little nuisances like traffic and stupid drivers. It would be those things that would end Casey’s relationship with the Viper, at least for a time, after an inattentive driver caused an accident that left the snake heavily damaged. A fellow enthusiast would end up with the car, and after contacting Putsch about any spare parts he had for the ride, would eventually reach back out with an offer Casey couldn’t refuse.

After returning the Viper to is previous glory, the guy decided to sell it, putting a number on the car that left Casey with no choice but to buy it back. So now, you have a guy who gets a second go-round with the car he loved so dearly for so long, and that is what makes cars so cool. They often come and go in our lives, but sometimes, a ride just really makes an impression, and we end up keeping them around for a long time, kind of like friends.


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