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How To Build a Full-Size LEGO McLaren

If models are your thing, this Full-sized McLaren 720s made completely out of LEGO bricks might just be your life goals coming to fruition right in front your eyes. The finished product has been trending all over the pages of the internet but what we have yet to see is how exactly this monstrous feat of Lego engineering managed to come together in order to raise money for a great cause in Goodwood Charity.

How many people and hours of design could it take to carry out such a massive construction? Well, this time, we take a look inside to see a time lapse that shows off all of the bricks and people that came together to create such a life-sized replica that is worthy of admiration and most certainly took tons of focus and long hours of dedication to create. It was 2000 man hours to be exact that brought together all 280,000 bricks that were able to slowly but surely paint the bigger picture that quickly became something that resembled a McLaren!

Even in fast motion, putting this thing together looks like a rather major project that requires tons of attention to detail. The crew here might make it look easy to an extent with the help of some creative video editing but we can guarantee that if a normal person tried to do this on their own they’d probably take years upon years to finish it off. I wouldn’t even want to look at the process that dictated how many blocks were needed and which block would be placed in what location.

Check out the video below that will give you an idea of exactly what went into breathing life into this built-to-scale car that could probably make people do a double take thinking that it’s the real thing! This collection of blocks is really able to become something that you’ve got to see!



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