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How To Get Banned For Life From Test Driving BMWs

As automotive enthusiasts, there’s a certain relationship that we have with car salesmen that’s, well, unique. When a regular person walks into a dealership, a salesman can have a field day of misinformation. I think that it’s pretty safe to assume that the vast majority of people who’re looking to purchase a vehicle probably aren’t well-informed enough to sniff out the facts. Furthermore, these people probably aren’t too sure about the different tactics that said salesman is probably going to use to get this potential customer behind the wheel of one of their vehicles.

On the other hand, those of us who spend a good amount of time around automobiles have the inside line. We probably know just a little bit more than a salesman would like us to. Well, at least we think that we do. Sometimes, this could definitely be to our advantage when buying a car. On the other hand, though, it turns out that it can also be a way to get somebody into a little bit of trouble. In this case, that seems to be the exact situation that ends up unfolding behind the doors of a BMW dealership. Let’s say that things got pretty heated in a hurry.

If we follow along with the video below, we head of one man’s journey a dealership. In this journey, the goal is to purchase a vehicle for his mother. However, it turned into something else entirely. At the beginning, the dealer was trying to fill mom in on the fact that her favorite BMW no longer came in a ragtop. Somehow, that escalated to our storyteller whipping around in a BMW and eventually getting banned from test driving BMWs entirely. The way that he tells it, the salesman was asking for it, though! Either way, this is one crazy test drive tale!