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How To Get Rid Of Tailgaters

When you’re behind the wheel, one of those things that can really get under your skin is a tailgater. Sure, if someone is driving too slow for conditions, it can also be infuriating but there are much better ways to get over your anger instead of riding somebody’s rear bumper and putting both of you in danger.

In order to counteract a tailgater, there are a lot of things that you can do including pulling over or just continuing along with what you’re doing, however, this time, we check in with a little bit more of a creative method to get rid of someone who’s riding your rear bumper.

In this one, with the use of a little bit of glue, a boot, and an old thermos, we check out a really unique way to handle that guy who won’t get off of your back! On the surface, it might seem like a kind of foolish method but when you think about it, would you be willing to ride closely to somebody who looks like they have a boot hanging onto the rear tailgate? Personally, I wouldn’t be ready to take the risk to let something like that fall on my vehicle as I was driving down the road. It might even look stupid but, if getting rid of tailgaters is your one and only goal, this might be your solution.

The “Tailgater Hater” is the Ultimate Road Rage Device

Follow along in the video below that gives you the lowdown on how to effectively get rid of those people who seem to do a great job of getting on your nerves. After checking out this creative solution, be sure to tell us what you think about how exactly this guy went about creating his very own method to make sure the tailgaters never ride his rear again. You have to think that tailgaters have to be incredibly prevalent in wherever this guy is coming from in order to cause him to go to such lengths to get rid of them.