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How to Get the Most POWER Out of Your Hellcat! (Building Our Giveaway Machine)

When it comes to the cars that one might find in Speed Society giveaways, we try to make them as special as we possibly can. Let’s just say that we have our ear to the ground, listening to the car community and our fans to see what they want next.

When we find the perfect car, there’s something inside of us that just can’t seem to leave these things in stock form, either. Therefore, with our most recent giveaway, the “Hell Charger,” we decided to spice things up just a little bit.

In order to make this thing really special, we joined forces with our friends over at Forza Tuning and Performance to bring the 707 hp monster a little bit more bite. Naturally, anything with a Hellcat engine under the hood is one of the most potent machines in the streets but we felt like we could do just a little bit better.

In this one, we take you through a couple of key modifications that really bring the Charger to life. The core of the build surrounds a Jokerz ported blower. Although the unit might have started out as a stock supercharger, the crew at Jokers went at this thing with a vengeance, modifying it to make sure that every last bit of efficiency was squeezed out of the unit. In the video below, Mike “The Wrench” talks a bit more about how exactly it all comes together.

After that, we add a couple of more supporting modifications to the mix before going ahead and giving this thing the first start up. With just about any build, that initial moment where the engine turns over is one of the most anxiety-inducing points in the timeline. As it turns out, though, it also offers the biggest payoff – you can see all that and more down below.

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