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How to Install a Telescoping Security Post on a Paved Driveway!

When you take a look at all of the measures of security that you can use to protect your personal property, you might not really know where to start and what to purchase as there are so many options out there. A lot of these measures, after all will either just be a deterrent, such as a lock system that could be cut, or something that can help you after-the-fact like security camera footage that will only help after your possessions are stolen. This time, however, we check out a pretty neat little device that could be installed on your own personal driveway that could stop criminals in their tracks, not even giving them a way to roll in and out.

Is this In this one, we take a look at the installation process behind putting in a telescoping security post in your driveway. Basically, the premise behind it is that, when you want to roll in and out of the driveway, the post can be retracted into the ground, but when you want to keep people away from your car or truck and prevent it from going out of the driveway or want to stop vehicles from entering your property, you can extend the post, blocking off the way to get in and out of the area.

This seems to be a less common security measure but, if you’re really concerned about someone stealing your ride or perhaps bringing their vehicle into your property, I would think that this would  be something that would really be a measure to consider putting in place, especially when you look at how easy they are to install. I would venture to think that something like this probably wouldn’t cost too much money, either. After seeing this accessory in action, be sure to tell us what you think of the idea of installing such a telescoping security post.