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How to Make a Mustang AWD in 20 Minutes

Growing up in the 90s and 2000s, my passion for American cars, particularly those boasting powerful V8 engines, was unwavering. The allure of American muscle captivated me, drawing me into a world of roaring high-performance machines.

As I grew older, Japanese cars gained popularity, revealing a notable difference: many lacked all-wheel drive, unlike their American counterparts. Take, for example, the popular Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution that took the car community by storm in the 2010s.

The logic seemed sound: with all that raw power under the hood, why not ensure it reaches the ground effectively? Yet, American muscle cars, historically, have leaned towards a rear-wheel-drive configuration. Thrilling to drive, especially unleashing power through rear wheels, one wonders if all-wheel drive would enhance performance, especially in racing.

Even today, certain models in the market continue to lack the option for all-wheel drive. Take, for instance, the Ford Mustang, an iconic symbol of American muscle that remains steadfastly rear-wheel-drive (discounting the Mach-E, of course).

However, through the power of YouTube, one ingenious creator decided to take matters into their own hands. Armed with a 2017 Ford Mustang, No Production Value Garage embarked on the ambitious project of converting it into an all-wheel-drive powerhouse.

This transformation was anything but simple, requiring the creator to play the role of Dr. Frankenstein assembled parts from different cars and custom-made components to ensure the AWD system worked seamlessly.

In the video below from No Production Value Garage, viewers are treated to a condensed overview of this remarkable conversion, 20 minutes worth of content that took 25 full episodes and condensed them into a single, consumable episode.

Witnessing this Rear-Wheel-Drive American muscle machine evolve into something entirely different really shows off boundless creativity and ingenuity within the automotive enthusiast community.

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