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How to Make a Powerful Hydraulic Jack using Syringe

If you poke around the Internet enough, you will see some pretty wild creations coming to life that have been made by nothing but the most unlikely of products. That’s the exact situation that we have here as it looks like somebody took some very basic products and managed to make quite an incredibly strong hydraulic jack out of them. Now, of course, it’s not going to be as powerful as a jack that you can buy from the store, but a little experiment like this shows you just how far you can stretch some basic parts before they give in to the all the pressure.

In this one, we check out the demonstration that uses nothing more than a couple of syringes, some wood, a bottle of Coke, and some hoses. With the use of these materials and a little bit of know-how, the person behind this one takes all of them, combines them together, and makes a sort of hydraulic jack that can even be used to lift a car up a little bit. Even though the jack did end up giving way under pressure when it got the car up to a substantial height, we’re so impressed, honestly, that it was able to lift the car at all. After seeing that somebody made a jack like this out of plastic syringes, you’d probably think that it wouldn’t be able to carry out very much at all but this one sneaks up on you.

Check out the video below that shows you exactly how a little mechanism like this comes together and exactly what it’s able to carry out. Just when you thought that basic little pieces like this couldn’t be used for much other than what they were designed for, along comes somebody with a little bit of inspiration that slaps these pieces together and comes up with a final product that is completely unexpected.

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