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How to Make a Super Heavyweight Handle Like a Champ – Meticulous C10 Pro Touring Build

In the world of hot rodding, the Chevrolet C10 pickup truck is quickly becoming a popular candidate to modify. The attractive retro styling really brings people in and the aftermarket available with the trucks keeps them around to stay. With that, we have seen some truly wild and interesting combinations come to life as folks transform these old school pickup trucks into all sorts of different purpose-built monsters.

This time, we tune in with a C10 pickup that might have a lot of familiar features to it. Under the hood, we find LS power and the truck has been lowered quite a bit. This isn’t necessarily anything new in the C10 community but one factor about this truck might just stand to surprise most who lay eyes on it.

Instead of just your typical LS swapped C10, the pickup truck has taken on the role of being a good handling machine as well. Converted to a pro touring style build, the truck has been completely modified from the frame to the brakes and even what’s under the hood, as we referred to. It seems as if every single bolt on the truck has been restored or completely changed out for something new. When all is said and done, the builder’s goal was to get this thing to handle better than his modified BMW M3. Not only was the M3 designed to handle well from the factory, unlike the heavyweight C10. The modifications done make the car handle even better!

Down below thanks to the crew from AutotopiaLA, we get a look inside of this pickup truck that brings a familiar face into a new world. How exactly does one take a heavyweight pickup that was rather sloppy when it comes to handling from the factory and transform it into something entirely new? Break out that notepad because we’re about to find out!

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