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How to Pick Out the Best Booster, 13 of 16 New Car Seats Get IIHS “Best Bet”

If you want to talk to a situation that requires that you absorb a whole world when new information, talk to any relatively new parent as it seems like every stage of the game has something new to be learned and comprehend. Now this isn’t exactly something that you can go halfway in on, either because as you’re responsible for a life now, everything has to be by the book 100%. It might seem simple, but with so many intricacies of taking care of your child, sometimes, some of those details can be tough to decipher just the right answer for.

One of the things that many parents may struggle with is trying to figure out how to keep your child safe in the car. Sure, the way that you drive goes a long way toward keeping your child’s health intact, however, that’s not all that you need to do.

Obviously, car seats and booster seats can be use in order to make sure that should you end up getting in a bad situation, one that isn’t exactly your fault, that your child has the best chance of safety possible, using the safety belts as they were designed. Even what comes to picking out just right seat, though, the correct selection can be just a little bit murky.

If you follow along down in the vide below, you get the rundown of some of the most recent additions to the booster seats that you’re going to see on the market and see which of these carry a top rating of “best bet” by the IIHS. As it turns out, with technology and information becoming more available, many of the seats out there can do the job now but you don’t want to end up with the one seat that ends up coming up short in a situation where you might really need it.

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