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How to Refill flat AEROSOL Spray Cans

Aerosol cans have been used to store and spray chemicals for years. While other methods certainly exist for the same function, it seems like cans do a really good job of what they were designed to do and thus we haven’t seen them replaced yet.

However, sometimes, you might run into a situation where a can gets a little bit flat, leaving liquid inside without having the necessary pressure to push out the liquid anymore. Before, you might have thought that this was when it was time to just throw it out but we have come across a solution to squeeze it out.

Using nothing more than a standard air compressor and a valve core off of an old tire, you can use these tools to put air back in the can and extract whatever chemical remains in the bottom of the can for use.

Check out the video below that will show you how exactly to go about filling your cans back up with air. This is definitely something that we would probably proceed on doing while using some caution because you don’t want anything blowing up on you but it certainly seems like a helpful way to get every last dollar out of your spray cans.

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