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How to Start Sim Racing on a Budget – No Need For an Expensive Rig

When it comes to getting into racing, things can be pretty expensive. Therefore, in order to carry out this hobby in a more affordable manner, some people turn to sim racing. In sim racing, getting behind the wheel of the most impressive machines in the world is only a couple of clicks away.

However, even in this world, the equipment can get really expensive in a hurry. There are so many different choices to make and the top tier of choices isn’t friendly on the wallet. In fact, it could be pretty easy to spend thousands of dollars in a hurry. Some of the more expensive rigs can’t even get into the tens of thousands of dollars. When considering the computer, controllers, brackets, and more, the dollar signs really can snowball in a hurry.

With this, we can’t help but wonder about a couple of things. First and foremost, does somebody need to spend thousands of dollars to get into the world of sim racing?

Could it be reasonable to think that somebody on a budget built setup could actually compete?

Is there a setup that’s budget-friendly enough that the majority of people could even afford it?

I guess that, for somebody just getting into it all, there are more questions than answers sometimes. With all sorts of information out there, getting to the bottom of it could be a struggle.

This time, thanks to Chris Haye, we’re able to take a dive into the world of sim racing. With this video, we get to check in with how cheap somebody could theoretically compete for.

Sometimes, depending on what we’re talking about, it’s worth spending the money. However, other times, maybe it’s not all that necessary. It seems that sim racing could be one of those worlds where you don’t need to buy your way to victory.

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