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How to Test Drive a Ferrari, Tips That the Dealers Don’t Want You to Know

After a while, car salesmen begin to develop this instinct for people who are and are not ready to purchase automobiles. If you show up to the dealership and wreak of the sense of somebody who is just trying to waste time and get behind the wheel of an exotic car to go for a spin, there’s a chance that the dealer will be able to figure this out and may take precautionary measures to just get you out of their hair. However, they have to be careful because personally, I can say that I’ve been to a dealership ready to spend money as a younger individual and haven’t been taken seriously, therefore taking my business elsewhere. It’s really a double-edged sword that they have to wield with care as to not to cut themselves on.

This time, Rob Ferretti takes the liberty of telling us exactly how you can make yourself look like you’re ready to do business, especially when it comes to purchasing one of these higher-end vehicles. Sure, you can take some steps to make it look like you’re ready to buy a Ferrari but if you aren’t actually ready to make the purchase, there’s still a good chance that the dealer will pick up on one of these many attributes that’ll make you stick out like a sore thumb. In this one, Rob tells us how exactly you can blend in to get yourself behind the wheel of a high end car whether you’re ready to make that purchase or maybe need a bit more convincing as you’re not completely committed yet.


If you follow along in the video below, you’ll be able to get a couple of quick tips that will make you look like you’re a serious buyer when it comes to buying those cars that not everybody us able to afford. Personally, if I was ready to purchase a car like this, I wouldn’t really care too much of the dealer liked me or not. However, if you’re looking to get yourself a test drive, this might just be exactly how you do it. I guess that, at the end of the day, the best way to make a car dealer believe that you’re ready to take a drive is to be yourself and actually be prepared to purchase the car in question. If any of the above doesn’t apply, you can follow Rob’s quick tips.