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How to Transform Your Junk Trailer Into a $5000 Beast!

When it comes to buying all sorts of things with wheels, sometimes, we find that there are two options. On one hand, we can go out and spend the extra money to buy something nice. On the other hand, perhaps buying something that needs a little bit of love but could potentially end up resulting in a better end product – but it’s going to need a little bit of effort in order to get it there.

This time, we check in with that philosophy as it applies to trailers. Apparently, the creator behind the Red Tool House – Homestead  Youtube channel decided to go out and pick up a trailer that has definitely seen better days. When the revival started, let’s just say that this old trailer was found with weeds growing through it and just about every component needed a little bit of attention in order to be brought back to life once again.

However, all that it took was a little bit of elbow grease, a couple of new components, and a determination to get it all done in order to bring the trailer back to life. When all of the parts come together, this thing ends up looking incredibly good, even going so far as putting some new trailers to shame.

Sure, somebody could just go out and buy a brand new trailer. However, something like this is probably not only cheaper but also allows for a little bit more customization. It might be the more labor-intensive way to get there but if you want something that’s exactly to your specifications, maybe restoring it like this is the way to go.

Down in the video below, we check in with a 10-minute clip that shows us the entire process from start to finish. From what the uploader tells us, the project took about eight months from start to finish and a year later, it’s still holding up pretty well.

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