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How to Turn A Second Bedroom Into an International Raceway

When it comes to the people who are into everything automotive, you never really know what you’re going to get out of them next. Because we all share the common hobby of everything with wheels and an engine, we also have the tendency to get into other hobbies as well to occupy our time. While these hobbies may differ from person to person, it really seems like gear heads tend to have this one facet in common.

This time, we check in with automotive YouTuber, ScottieDTV, as he takes us along for a tour of one of his hobbies outside of full-sized cars. Instead of 1:1 scaled machines, this time, we take a step down in size and we aren’t talking about remote control, either. This time, instead, we’re digging into the world of slot cars, yet another way that you could choose to spend your money that definitely has lots of customization options available that you can get absolutely lost in. It’s a pretty natural transition that somebody is interested in full-scale automobiles would naturally have some sort of interest in the world of slot cars as well. There’re a lot of parallels to be drawn between the two, after all.

Follow along down in the video below and you’ll be able to catch up with Scottie’s mission to turn one of his extra rooms into the slot car haven that he has always dreamt of having. It’s videos like these that can really get you in trouble because after watching this one for a while, you might just be inspired to hit the internet and spend a little bit hard earned money. If you end up doing that, we have to say that we aren’t responsible for the damage done to your bank account because this is definitely a slippery slope that can make you end up spending a pretty good chunk of change. Scottie tells us that this is one of the beginning steps of his project and we definitely can’t wait to see how this thing all pans out.

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