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How to Use a Spray Can and Make a Car Paint Job Actually Look Legit

One of the best parts of hot rodding is how many different ways you can carry out one task. Just because you see one person do something a certain way doesn’t mean that you have to do it the exact same way. However, there are also other ideas that might pop up that you fall in love with and want to try the exact same method as somebody else. This idea is especially true when it comes to painting a vehicle. There are lots of different directions to go in when it comes to the application of paint and you might even want to consider some other type of color change like a wrap.

This time, though, we dive into the dynamic of painting your car with a rattle can. Now, hear us out for a minute because on the surface, it definitely sounds like something that most people would never try to do, a hack job of sorts, however, when you dig into it in just the right way, there’s a good chance that, with a careful hand, you might come out with a pretty decent result. Now, it probably won’t be perfect but for the budget you’re going to spend, this one might be an option that you might want to consider depending on what your project is. Heck, if the piece is small enough you might not even notice the difference between a rattle can and the real deal.

If you follow along in the video below, you’ll get a few helpful tips as to how you might want to go about using a spray can in order to get the most out of it, laying it on your ride and trying to modify the car on a budget. At the end of the day, stuff like this is what really makes hot rodding interesting to see how exactly you can get to that end product perfect in your very own way. After watching something like this, do you think that using a spray can to coat your ride would be something that you would ever consider?


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