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Hubless Chopper With An Airplane Engine. A Wicked Bike Without Rims that Rides!!

If you’re in the market for a motorcycle and also happen to be in need of something a little bit different that reaches out and grabs the attention of the crowd, then you might want to give this unique chopper a second look. This thing is unlike almost anything that we’ve ever seen before and, if nothing else, casts a unique look into the world of things that you can ride on two wheels, acting almost as much as art as it does as a functional vehicle that will get you to where it is that you need to go.

The focal point of this build, quite obviously, is the hubless rims that really make a statement, probably making onlookers drop their jaws in amazement as they’re seeing a miracle in front of their eyes. These wheels make it look almost like the motorcycle is floating because instead of attaching at the center, they attach at the bottom, creating an odd illusion of a floating wheel. Some crazy engineering had to go into making this all come together and the end product is something that’s definitely to be appreciated as it really all comes together nicely to make its presence felt.

Via Jalopnik, the contraption works by “fixing the rotating parts (brake ring, bearings, hubless rim) onto the outer side of a non-rotating inner ring that attaches to the motorcycle’s swingarm or forks.” Check out the video below and tell us what you think of this one-of-a-kind build. Do you like something like this or is something a little bit more classic your cup of tea? No matter what you’d like to ride, you can’t deny that this is something that you’ve got to stop and take a look at if you ever get the opportunity to see it up close.

Homemade Insane Hubless Bicycle! What do you know about hubless bicycles? I’ve never seen anything like this before! So, behold – a truly hubless bicycle that works almost flawlessly! All you need – fat bike, bearings, some metal, and time 🙂 enjoy!



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