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Jiffy Lube Mechanics Facing Charges For Tampering with State Inspections

In certain areas of the country, state inspections aren’t carried out by the government. In these areas, drivers take their vehicles to certified shops who make sure that said vehicles are roadworthy. During these inspections, mechanics tackle not only emissions testing but also a variety of different safety metrics. After going over the car carefully, it’s either given a stamp of approval for the streets or a list of things for the owner to work on. From there, they’re sent on their way with a proper sticker or to fix the vehicle and return. However, it seems like a select few Jiffy Lube employees decided to bypass these regulations.

Today, several employees were arrested at their place of work for failing to conduct mandatory state inspections. Reports say that there are over 100 potentially unsafe vehicles on the road right now as a direct result of the negligence. These reports aren’t certain if the employees acted alone or if the vehicle owners were in on the act as well. However, the employees are the only one charged so far. For those involved, they’d be slapped with 2 counts of tampering with governmental record each.

Jiffy Lube denies any knowledge of the incident. It seems as if they’re pointing at those involved as rogue mechanics who acted on their own. Perhaps these mechanics didn’t realize that fibbing on inspections was a major deal but after their arrest, we would be willing to wager that they’ll be a little bit more careful next time, that is, if there is a next state inspection shot for these workers.

The news report in the video below takes the opportunity to dive a little bit deeper into the incident.

This isn’t the first time that a lube shop has been caught red-handed. Check out this undercover investigation that had one cheating a customer.