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Huge Sinkhole Swallows 55,000-Pound Tractor Trailer In Georgia

Sinkholes are terrifying, if you think about it. As you see in this clip, and countless others, sinkholes can just HAPPEN, out of nowhere. This truck’s driver was just sitting in this parking lot and the next thing he knew, his truck was falling into the ground where asphalt had just been.

Sinkholes can happen for a number of reasons, though they’re typically caused by unseen water line breaks that wash away the soil supporting roadways and parking lots. This one, however, seemed to be related to the large drainage pipe at the bottom of the 8′ deep hole instead.

The truck, weighing around 55,000 pounds when fully loaded, didn’t fall completely into the hole, and the driver was able to escape to safety with no injuries. Crews then had to pump out as much of the water it was hauling as possible to lighten the truck so it could then be dragged back to firmer ground. This one certainly had a “could have been much worse” outcome, something not all sinkholes afford their victims.