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Huge Sprint Car Win Celebration Ends in Crash!

Sometimes the jubilation following a hard fought win leads to a driver making a bit of an error in judgement, and sometimes that okay. At the 2014 Grand Annual Classic held at Australia’s Premier Speedway, American Tim Kaeding took the checkered flag and began a celebration for the ages that sent the fans into a frenzy.

Heading to the infield grass, Kaeding whipped a couple of donuts, slinging chunks of grass and dirt as he spun his car across the race logo painted inside the oval. However, that was only the beginning of Tim’s planned party. He spun around and headed back across the infield, cut the wheel and matted the gas, sending the car into a dizzying series of 360 donuts that would make a lesser driver lose his lunch. As Kaeding spun like a top across the grass, the fans cheered his antics, sharing in the joy of his victory. From the grass, Kaeding returned to the track and began a victory lap, stopping on his way around to sling even more donuts, each time appearing to be on the verge of sending the car over onto it’s side.

However, Tim kept up the celebration, stopping a couple more times to sling some dirt and send the fans his own version of a Thank You note in the form of spinning tires and a screaming engine, all of which the spectators love to see! Finally, heading down the stretch in front of our cameraman, Kaeding throws the car into yet another series of donuts, spinning wildly at the end of the stretch, when the car begins to lean to the side. Whether or not he knew what was happening, we’ll never know, but Kaeding kept the throttle decked and sure enough, the car tipped over on it’s side, skidding to a halt as the fans erupted into cheers! Kaeding was obviously uninjured in the incident, as you can see by his hand raised triumphantly from the cockpit of the car as it lay on it’s side.

Now that, ladies and gentlemen, is how you celebrate a win!