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Hybrid air vehicle that will blow your mind! Design is out of this world!

The Hindenburg Zeppelin crash of 1937 effectively ended the blossoming zeppelin travel era just as it was really beginning to take of, if you’ll excuse the pun. The horrific crash in Lakehurst, NJ was the first technological disaster to be caught on camera and widely distributed to the world, emblazoning it into the minds of a collective generation and steering them away from travel by Zeppelin.

The timing coincided with a boom in commercial airline travel, and zeppelin’s quietly and quickly faded from the public eye. However, if this video is to be believed, it appears there may be a return of the airship in our future.

There have been some futile attempts to bring back the airship, but the timing just wasn’t right. Today, however, just might be the time, especially when potential passengers get a look at how luscious and modern the cabin of the Airlander 10 concept. With a completely different view on air travel with a focus on relaxed luxury instead of cramped efficiency, Hybrid Air Vehicle’s new vessel aims to be the modern cruise ship for the skies.

With a spacious cabin larger than most single-aisle commercial airliners, the team at Design Q had plenty of room to work their magic and create a design that blurs the line between cabin and sky with windows all the way around some sections of the cabin, offering passengers views that extend from horizon to horizon from high above the beautiful landscapes below.

Just imagine having many of the luxuries of a cruise ship, but soaring above the ocean or the mountains or the broad plains below.

I’m not even going to pretend seeing a huge airship in the sky would be an exciting prospect as well, a welcome exception to the shiny tubes with wings that crisscross the skies currently.