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“I Can’t Believe That Car is Back Together” – 7k Mile Yenko Camaro Restored After Sitting 45 Years

Perhaps, sometimes, more interesting than the cars themselves are the stories behind these cars. At the end of the day, every car has a story and while most are pretty basic and consist of being driven to work every day with the occasional stop at the gas station, others really go off of the beaten path a little bit.

This time, we head pretty far off of the beaten path with a Yenko Chevrolet Camaro. The machine is the last 67 Camaro converted by to 427 power by Yenko and has just over 7,000 original miles. With a description like that, you might just be picturing a machine that’s in showroom condition. However, this particular Camaro had a couple of twists and turns in its journey of life. Sometimes, life just gets in the way of things like cars.

Instead, almost immediately after taking ownership of the Camaro, it’s then 19-year-old original owner, John Weaver, decided that he didn’t like the color. Without being able to get the car in red, he would get to work himself, stripping the car down and getting it painted. However, the red didn’t quite sit well with the Camaro’s owner and therefore, he decided that he wanted to go back to the original color once again. After disassembling the machine, he didn’t exactly get the chance to do that. Therefore, the car sat, covered in a garage, until just recently.

It took a little bit of convincing to get Weaver to get this machine back on the road again. In fact, Weaver didn’t want to sell or restore the car at all. He cites a bit of embarrassment as the reason why. However, after befriending the current owner, a man by the name of Doug Perry would eventually convince Weaver to hand over the keys even though it took several years of friendship to make it happen. You never know what’s going to happen when you knock on someone’s door and ask the right questions.

Below, we’re able to follow the story as the Camaro comes back to life for the first time in 45 years! That’s quite an amount of time for a car to be parked but this one is coming back in a way like never before!

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