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Drag Racing on Ice Turns up the Intensity

Drag Racing on Ice Turns up the Intensity

If you thought that drag racing on dry ground brought up its fair share of challenges, think again. On a prepared track, sometimes, finding traction can be difficult. We might have to push through some traction issues in order to make a clean pass down the strip. Now, imagine taking the action to a cold and icy surface that’s covered with snow. You wouldn’t think that this would be something that would be even remotely possible. When mixing the factors of ice and drag racing together, it seems like a longshot. Based on what we’re seeing here, if you came in thinking that, you’d be sorely mistaken.

For this group of rides, that insane thought becomes a reality. These machines were hooked up with some goodies and ready to tackle the frozen tundra. With what we’re sure is a whole collaboration of specialized parts, including tires, the machines manage to get the job done. It’s hard to not be impressed when we watch the rides really rocket off of the line the way they do. On the same note, it’s kind of hard to not get a little nervous.

We thought that this form of racing would be a lot sketchier. When watching these racers roll down the surface, the action mostly goes off without a hitch. The machines manage to stay nice and straight as their seemingly fearless drivers keep in the throttle! It kind of leads us to wonder just how much white-knuckling is going on in the cockpit.

Check out the video below that shows off these frozen rockets as they blast through the ice. The drivers are confident enough to make it seem like it’s nothing, laying claim to the winter wonderland. After seeing this, it opens up a whole new door to the possibilities of where you can drag race! – TomEighty