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Idler Pulley Explodes in Middle of Nowhere, Driver Comes up With Genius Solution to Get Home

Sometimes, it can feel like the most inconvenient things happen at the exact wrong time. For one TikTok user by the name of @justinbigskylife, this was the exact case as he would have an idler pulley on his pickup truck explode in the middle of the night in an area where no parts stores were open. Oh yeah, and by the looks of things in the background, snow was falling and it didn’t exactly look like a tropical paradise.

When facing a situation like this, there are really only two options here. First, you can call a tow truck which would most certainly be an expensive ride home, especially given the fact that our host says that he was more than an hour from home.

The second option is to come up with some creative way to make everything work for just long enough to be able to limp the truck home.

Electing for option B, or host got to work, using what he had inside of the truck to get it running once again. With the help of a ratchet strap, we watched as the DIY creation was tied together in order to make sure that crucial components like the water pump and alternator would stay going to keep the engine cool and keep the lights on in the middle of the night.

Even though the truck did lose power steering and its brake booster because the strap wasn’t long enough to keep everything spinning, we would say the mission was a success. It might’ve taken a couple of ratchet straps as they kept on shredding but our hero made sure to mention that he made it home just in the nick of time when he was running out of straps.

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