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If Santa Drove a Ferrari It Would Look Like This

Christmas is really a great time of year, as even if you don’t celebrate the holiday, everybody tends to be in a better mood and more friendly with one another. It really is the season of spreading joy to all which really makes it a better time to operate. Normally, the man who spreads the most joy, Santa Clause, could be pictured with a group of reindeer and a shining red sleigh but if he was down here on the ground rolling around, what kind of sleigh what do you think he would have? It probably wouldn’t be your average machine and we think we have found just vehicle to make all that Christmas gift delivery as fast as possible.

In this one, we take the chance to check out a video that shows off what might just act as the perfect sleigh in a Ferrari 458 Spider that is decked out with all of the bells and whistles to make a Christmas lover’s dreams come true as this thing has been wrapped up and decked out with all of the trimmings like lights and decorations to attempt to help bring joy to the kids of the world as it is also acting as a big rolling billboard for Toys for Tots as well, inviting in other people who are willing to go out of their way to spread the joy to kids in need and give them the Christmas that they might not otherwise be able to have.

Follow along with the video below and tells what you think of this Ferrari as it really gets a nice little facelift in the form of a wrap that will have you singing Christmas carols and crascking a smile as it looks like people are really coming together here to try and use their advantages to be able to help somebody out during this time where spreading joy is in full swing.