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If You Bought a $200 Dollar Miata Do You Think it Would Run?

The Internet is a space of many wonders. Not only can you go on it and get endless information but you can also purchase just about anything you want and have it delivered straight to your door. While this car wasn’t found on the Internet, it certainly mimics something that you could find on Craigslist for a couple of hundred bucks and go out to buy with cash you have laying around. When you spend such a little amount of money on a vehicle like this, though, you have to assume that there are no guarantees! You don’t know if it’s going to run or die right in front of you as you turn over the key and hope for the engine to fire.

This time, the guys at Hoonigan were simply hanging around when they had someone show up on their doorstep, keys in hand, and looking to get rid of their Mazda Miata. A situation like this could really raise an eyebrow but the guys asserted that they wanted 100 or $200 for it and told them all about the problems that it has. It did technically run but the owner thinks that it needs a new engine and just wanted to get it out of his garage. Basically, he heard about how the guys at Hoonigan like to beat on their cars and, when passing by, a buddy thought that they could use the new beater to completely trash and this would be a good starting platform since he wanted such little cash for it.

The latest episode of Daily Transmission down below will take you on this $200 car adventure as the guys purchased the Mazda for themselves and immediately started beating on it. How good could a car that sells for $200 possibly be? Well, this time, you’re about to find out just that. On top of the whole thing, they didn’t even have to go searching for one! How’s that for service!?