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If You Love Motorcycles, You Need to Know Indian Larry – Remembering his Life and Climb to the Top

When stunt riders go out there to put on a show, they really risk life and limb, putting their bodies through a strenuous series of events that could potentially end poorly, throwing them to the ground and causing all sorts of injuries in this case, even worse as Indian Larry would land on his head after standing on his seat and unfortunately, not make it out with his life.

Indian Larry was an icon in the motorcycle world, a figure that was truly beloved by many and had earned his way to the top of the pack when it comes to those who customize and those who happen to ride. Larry was described as a motorcycle builder and artist, stunt rider, and biker among other things and from the looks of things, he really seems to have risen to the top as the cream of the crop when it comes to just about everything that he found himself doing in life. From an outsider’s perspective, it looks like Indian Larry would dedicate his entire life to everything on two wheels.

In this quick video, we learn a brief history of Larry and his accomplishments along with an unfortunate situation that would lead to his early demise. Many would argue though, that this is how he would want to go out, doing exactly what it was that he loved the most. It’s truly unfortunate to lose such a legend like that but it’s kind of comforting to know that he went out on top just like a legend!

The video below shows some of Larry’s path to success and how exactly he became what many would aspire to be. When you leave a mark like that on the community, you most certainly know that you were doing something right! Larry definitely left behind a legacy that many would love to be able to capture in a lifetime and he did it in just 55 years!