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If You Loved “Infinity War,” You Need to See this Real-Life Iron Man Suit

If you just so happen to be one of those people who is obsessed with comic book superheroes like Mr. Tony Stark himself as Iron Man then boy have we got a real-life video for you! No, you aren’t imagining things and no movie magic was sprinkled in here to make things more interesting than they are in the real world.

Instead, what we see is the suit that has come together to imitate a sort of Iron Man functionality, allowing the user to strap up and take flight all without any sort of help outside of the suit. It’s incredible to think that, maybe even just a couple of years from now, we could see people traveling around with their very own flying suits to help them get to wherever it is they need to go – just like Iron Man does on screen.

This time, we catch up with Richard Browning of Gravity Industries, the man who was responsible for creating this sort of apparatus that would make whoever’s wearing it look like a real life superhero. There definitely has to have been a roller coaster ride involved in developing something this complex and it’s an interesting story to be told, so we’re super tuned in to this suit and all of the features that it brings to the table along with what the people behind the suit have to do in order to prepare themselves to take flight. This thing is downright amazing!

Follow along down the video below as Browning and his company, that sounds like something out of a Marvel movie, go over the features of the suit to show you exactly what makes it so darn cool along with some of the challenges faced with such a design.

If these kinds of suits were available for public consumption at a reasonable price would you purchase your very own flying suit so you could get to work in an unprecedented way? I’m not sure if I would have enough maturity to ever turn something like this down if I was given the opportunity.

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