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If You Think The 405 Isn’t a Team, Just Watch This!

It’s no secret that Street Outlaws and the crew from the 405 have their share of haters and draw an insane number of trolls to their social media. Unlike many celebrities and TV personalities, many of the guys from the show read their comments and, whenever they can, they’ll fire back and engage the trolls with a little back and forth.

The team at Discovery Channel also reads a lot of the comments posted on the Street Outlaws page on Facebook and go as far as putting together videos to rebut their claims. We have a perfect example of this today featuring a little behind-the-scenes look at Team 405 strategizing who should race who during one of several race nights against the guys from Memphis.

The caption is simple, but gets the point across:

“The 405 isn’t a team – Internet Troll

Well watch this:”

The video captures a couple of minutes of the OKC guys putting their heads together and figuring out which cars from the Memphis camp would make the best competition for each other, working together to make sure they have the best shot and coming out of the race on top.

We all know the guys from Memphis aren’t just quick-talking hustlers, they have some pretty badass hotrods and always show up to win, so this is an important step in the negotiating process that isn’t often seen on television, since I have a feeling many of you will look at this as picking and choosing the easiest races, but we’ve seen enough from the Memphis guys to know there are no ducks in that group.

This is purely strategy, working together to have the best shot at winning as a group, and the other crews that come to the 405 to race could learn a thing or two about taking this approach to winning as a team!