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Impossible Vertical Hillclimb Creates “Graveyard of Dirt Bikes”

Impossible Vertical Hillclimb Creates "Graveyard of Dirt Bikes"

When we sit down and really think about it, the concept of hill climb can be rather intense. We’re talking, of course, about jumping right past the bunny slopes and going to the serious stuff. When competitors come head-to-head with an event like this, their goal is basically to defy physics. Okay, maybe they’re not literally defying physics. However, from where we’re watching, this looks like something that’s almost impossible to beat.

Every year in Belgium, the Andler Climb throws a serious curveball at anybody who’s going to give it a shot. Competitors sit on two wheels, wielding a dirt bike as they try to make the near-vertical climb. Not only is the incline almost straight up and down. It also has a little bit of rough terrain on the way. Therefore, it’s nearly impossible to get a smooth line of momentum going. Instead, riders will have to bob and weave their way to the top, all while trying to not fall down.

For those who do fall off of their bikes, they better act quickly. The climb does provide a wall designed for riders to be able to hang onto. If they miss the wall, though, that’s an intense fall back to the bottom. It does look like there are a couple of spotters there to help. As far as insurance goes, though, we would want a little bit better policy than that, personally.

By following along with the video below, we get the lowdown of what might be the most intense climb we’ve seen in quite some time. Competitors in this one definitely need to have a little bit of a stroke of insanity to want to try it out. However, we’re glad they did because it makes for some incredibly good watching.

Oh yeah, it’s also important to mention that nobody was seriously injured in this year’s climb.

We wouldn’t be shocked if that’s a rarity, though, with this event.