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This Is Why You Always Should Wear Your Seat Belt!

From the very first time that you ever get in a car at a young age when you’re able to finally make your way out of that baby seat and into the front seat like one of the adults, the first thing that you’ll probably be told is to put your seatbelt on. While we might forget about doing this at times, certain videos like this and situations that you see spread out over the news will remind you why exactly it’s such an important step in the process of getting rolling on the streets. You never know what’s going to happen, even when you’re going just around the corner to grab a gallon of milk so it’s better to be safe than sorry, right?

If for some reason, you’re still not convinced that the incredibly simple task of clicking on your seatbelt isn’t worth it, a video like this one might just give you a little bit more perspective and incentive as to why you should be wearing that safety belt every time that you get in a vehicle. what we’re looking at here is a rollover test from a Ford Expedition, a 1998 model to be more exact. The results of the test show us what could happen when a vehicle makes its way off of the paved surface and ends up rolling over when the occupants don’t have their seatbelts strapped.

If you thought that, in a situation like this, you would simply be going for a ride inside the vehicle and maybe find yourself being a part of an impact that wasn’t so great and could do some damage, there are a couple of extra steps that you might’ve not thought about, you know, like flying out of the windows and going airborne as the vehicle continues to tumble, potentially even rolling over your body. I can guarantee that after this one, just about anybody who gets in a car that’s moving is going want to strap on their safety belt next time.