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In The Driver Seat… Street Outlaws Chuck vs Murder Nova!

One of the coolest parts of Street Outlaws is Pilgrim Productions – the company that handles the actual production for Discovery – using many different angles both inside the cars and out, giving viewers a great look at what goes on during the cars’ passes down the streets of the 405.

Last week, reigning #1 on the Oklahoma Top 10 list Chuck and his Death Trap Mustang squared off with Shawn in the Murder Nova to see who would walk away with the crown. Chuck, who has sat atop the list for quite some time now, relies on a twin turbo small block to push his Mustang to hold off the rest of the contenders. Shawn, running the old Murder Nova while awaiting completion of his new car, has a big block with twins that has carried him up to the #2 spot.

You can see as the cars stage and Chief steps back to hit the light, Chuck’s car launches like a rocket, jumping out to a 1/2 car lead almost immediately and continuing to pull away. Around the point Shawn’s big block would possibly begin building steam and reeling Chuck in, it looks like the Nova shakes the tires and loses traction, leaving the door open for Chuck to pull away and take the win, retaining his #1 spot for at least another week.

Ever since swapping from small tires to the huge rear tires that are now tucked under the rear of the Death Trap, Chuck has been nearly impossible to outrun, relying on his car’s wicked launches to put him out front and, so far, nobody has been able to drive back around him on top end. Big Chief did outrun him on the last list race of last season, but Chuck called him back out and reclaimed the crown on the second race.

It’s going to be hard to take the Death Trap down, but with the new Murder Nova on the way and Big Chief always lurking around the top of the list, the racing will be intense for sure, so tune in on Monday nights and see how it plays out.