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New Boat Design Has Thrusters So You Can Maneuver In All Situations

We know we have some wakeboarders and wakesurfers that are going to be blown away by this new feature introduced by Pavati. Already known for their badass wake boats, the team at Pavati has revolutionized the way you dock and maneuver your vessel in the water by adding lateral thrusters at the front and rear of the boat. These small thrusters offer incredible precision by allowing the driver to push the front and rear of the boat either left or right, making it possible to do things never before seen in a boat of this design.

Typically reserved for massive ocean-going yachts, lateral thrusters can be used one at a time or together in various combinations to steer the front and rear either the same direction or in opposite directions. This means you can use them to shift the boat left or right as you’re pulling into or backing into a dock or approaching another boat. It’s also now possible to pivot the boat in a circle, spinning it around inside it’s own footprint.

One feature that many will find incredibly useful, especially if you take your boat out alone or need to dock or load it by yourself. By sliding both joysticks in the same direction, the thrusters will stay on, pushing the boat against the dock and holding it there while you exit and tie the boat off or retrieve your trailer and pull the boat out on your own.

Thinking about it, it seems like one of those features that will have other boat builders slapping themselves on their forehead, thinking “Why didn’t we think of that?” but it seems likely that they will all have their own lateral thrusters by the time next years models are released. It’s great to see companies bringing innovation to the table that truly makes life easier for their customers. It’s things like this that set Pavati apart from the crowd.