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Indigo moon chopper mock up | Sacred Steel Bikes

When building a custom chopper, there are many steps that need to come together just right to make sure that every last detail on the motorcycle is the way that it needs to be. These things aren’t just slapped together like you might think.

In one of the initial steps in that process is what is known as “mock up,” basically, all of the pieces are test fit together to make sure that they will work as one in harmony when all is said and done.

This time, we join a mock up process at Sacred Steel Bikes as they start to put the pieces together on the bike known as Indigo Moon when the mock up session quickly turns to a push-up competition.

Check out the video below as the guys temporarily get distracted from the important task at hand and take a little bit of a break but before long it is back to action to get the wheels turning on this stellar build.


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