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Insane 9.9L 605 Hemi Charger Rolls Into Cruise Night

One thing that we definitely miss about the way that the world used to be, it’s the opportunity to just go to a massive car meet. There were no second thoughts about walking out of the house and getting together with all our friends.

Don’t get us wrong, there are still some killer car-related operations going on today. However, with the regulations in place due to the current pandemic and people being a little bit cautious, it just isn’t the way that it used to be.

However, thanks to platforms like YouTube, we’re able to head to these various shows and join in on the action. It might not be in the flesh but being able to see some cool cars can really deliver us to a different frame of mind. Heck, sometimes, we can even relive some throwback moments.

It would appear as if Helsinki Cruising Night is still an event that brings car fans together in Finland. It’s rather surprising to us that the Finnish car scene has a rather robust collection of American Muscle cars. In this particular video, we get to check in with the show to see what the scene has to offer.

One machine that we really found to be eye-catching is the likes of an old-school Dodge Charger. The all-black car truly boasts what American muscle is all about as it brings 9.9 liters of power to life! In cubic inches, that’s about 605 of them that are ready to rumble!

By following along with the video below, we get a taste of a different car scene that makes us want to see more! Hopefully, this whole COVID-19 ordeal sorts itself out soon so we can get back to this relaxing way of living. There’s just something about seeing all these muscle cars roaring around that really puts us at ease.



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