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Insane Shifting, Sequential Supra Testing 200mph Almost Crashes

Toyota’s vaunted Supra is a literal legend in the sports car world, even in completely showroom stock form. In fact, as one of very few cars that have appreciated in value over the two decades since they were new, the Supra is truly one of the most sought-after cars in the world.

That being the case, thankfully many owners still choose to do some drastic modifications to their Supras, which strangely enough can increase the value of the car as well when done correctly. While it’s up to the community to decide which mods add value, we get to decide which ones add to the cool factor, and the owner of this car gets a ton of props for his choice of transmission.

Swapping out the factory six speed manual transmission, this car has been equipped with a specially modified sequential T56 trans. To sum this up in a way that I feel even the greenest newcomer to the car world can understand, a sequential gearbox basically allows the car to be shifted into the next gear at wide open throttle without having to use the clutch at all. This means there is less time spent out of the throttle shifting gears and more time spent with the throttle buried into the floorboard. The computer controlling the engine does cut the ignition briefly while the trans shifts to the next gear to keep from grenading the trans, but the shifts are still quicker than they would be using the traditional method.

The car sounds amazing on the dyno, and lays down a 200 MPH 1/2 mile run at wannaGOFAST’s event in Ocala, Florida. Any car that rips off double-century speeds in the half mile is more than respectable, to do it while looking this good and sounding effortless is just plain badass!