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Insane Side By Side That Launches Like A Rocket

What do you get when you combine the always-a-good-time worlds of side by side racing and turbochargers? You get THIS!

I would love to drop all the specs about this build and how this guy managed to get his side by side to rip like an all-out drag bike, but there’s no information available on this video that I could find. The one thing I can tell you just by listening to it is that it’s boosted, and this isn’t just your run-of-the-mill turbo system that this guy ordered off of Amazon.

The first clue that it is a little more than your typical build is the anti-lag. You can hear just before it launches, the engine revs then starts popping, almost as if it’s developed a bad misfire. In reality, that’s exactly what’s happened, only it’s intentional. This type of system is used to systematically “misfire” the ignition, which enables the exhaust to spool the turbo and built boost while the RZR is sitting still.

You hear the anti-lag popping off for a few seconds, then boom, the driver launches and things start happening very quickly. First, we see the nose rise slightly, thanks to the tied-down suspension, which prevents wheelies. Then you hear the revs scream and finally, a wall of dirt is slung high into the air behind the high-winding RZR as it rips off into the distance.

It’s always hard to gauge speed from video, especially with no real solid points of reference, so I’m going to refrain from even taking a guess at how fast this thing is moving, but I’m fairly certain it’s on par with most any sports car, especially if you were to line them up in the dirt.

Finally, as the driver lets out of the throttle, you hear the tell-tale whistle of a turbo winding down, a dead giveaway that this thing has some air being crammed into the engine at a high rate of speed. Who wants to race this thing? Better yet, who wants to take it for a spin?